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McFetridge Park is a decent place to watch football. Which is just as well, because this match was bizarre for me. I’ve usually been in the technical area, with a stake in whatever game is being played in front of me. Not today, though. And that was kind of nice.

If I’m honest, I nearly piked out. The man flu struck and, after a long drive to Auckland, I thought staying in might be the way to go. But then the kids started playing up, so we had to separate them. It was back to plan A. Nathan, my oldest, was packed into the back of the car and we headed back down the motorway.

I’m glad we did.

The hill and the flora and the cricket wicket kept Nathan entertained, while the match had enough to keep me interested.

Actually, I feel wholly unqualified to comment on a match involving a couple of Auckland sides. I had no idea who most of the players were, I felt a little out of place at a park so far from home, and I didn’t even have the awareness to track down a match day programme. Not a promising start but then I did have a kid to look after so…

As for the match, Glenfield were 2-0 up at the break after a competitive yet unremarkable first 45 minutes. Grant Young scored a couple of Grant Young-esque goals – opportunistic close range strikes they were. Rovers were certainly the more likely side, although I’m not completely sure whether they were worth a two goal lead. Not that that matters because a two goal lead they had.

There was a bit of confusion over the second goal as Young nodded it in off the cross bar but the ref didn’t initially allow it (no, I have no idea why). The man in black dithered around for a while, trotted over to the lino then eventually awarded it. The right decision was made, so well done the match officials. Eventually.

The padding was added for Rovers midway through the second half when Mike Gwyther smacked home the third insurance goal. I sort of saw it and sort of didn’t. By then I’d set myself behind the Suburbs goal looking for the money shot (with my camera)…but all I got was the keeper on the ground and Gwyther wheeling away. Disappointing for me. Gold for Glenfield.

My impression of the football was very much the same as what I remember when Matamata was in Division 1 (Sorry. I’ll give up the Swifts references soon. Promise). It was busy, aggressive and direct with the occasional piece of quality. Rovers definitely deserved the points while Suburbs had their moments…but didn’t look as organised as what I would have thought a Kevin Fallon side would have. Lazy cliche?

So Glenfield tops the table after day 1. Will they be there after day 22? They’ll need to be better, but they’re far more likely than this Suburbs side. Famous last words? I’m crap at predictions so probably, yeah.

Call of the day: “One, two, three, four five. That’s five fouls ref. It’s not basketball.” Glenfield coaching staff.

*No, I’m not a Coro fan. Can’t stand soaps. But I can write a cheesy headline.


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