The Big Kick Off

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Just as everyone was giving it the big #myseason2014 last weekend I was at the beach.

Saturday April 5 was the designated opening day of the 2014 winter season. I was in Auckland and had a plethora of games to choose from. The NRFL scheduling, in fact, was perfect as I could easily have taken in a Waikato club double header. Wanderers were at Glenfield Rovers (the place I kicked off my 2013 season) at 2.45pm then Melville United were at Western Springs at 5pm.

From all reports, both games had plenty of drama and enough official-induced controversy to keep me happy/get me in trouble. But I was at the beach.

I arrived in Auckland early enough on Saturday afternoon to comfortably make it to the first match but when it came down to it I just couldn’t be bothered hopping in the car and driving back down the motorway from my Arkles Bay base to watch another game of football. So I went with the family to the beach instead.

I’m not quite sure what that says. I have already asked myself whether I want to spend another season chugging around the traps watching games few people care about. Maybe. We’ll see. I do know that’s already being done quite well and I also know my interest lies in trying stuff that’s a bit different and that maybe hasn’t been done before. What that is…well, I don’t really know yet.

I have plenty of material but unfortunately it can’t really be shared yet due to one of the roles I hold. It’s the sort of meaty stuff I prefer to write about, and people would likely like to read, but I imagine the feedback would be quite a bit more severe than what followed my most controversial article of 2013.

So the short term sees me in Matamata this weekend for the local Federation league match, then tweeting the results and match info of all the leagues fixtures straight afterwards. Over Easter I’ll be in Auckland again so will make an effort to get out and watch at least one game, if only to see if I’ve still got the stomach for it. On Easter Monday I’ll be back home for the Chatham Cup Preliminary Round match between the Swifts and Rotorua United and more tweeting.

Then after that, who knows.

Maybe I’ll have re-found my mojo by then. Maybe all it needs is for me to attend another AFC Fury match.

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