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The Pilgrimage (Part 2) – 14/10/2017

The last time I watched Tottenham Hotspur live they won 1-0 thanks to a Christian Eriksen goal. On that day, back in 2014, I was on Pilgrimage 1 with Nathan.

Today Spurs won 1-0 thanks to a Christian Eriksen goal. Spooky, or what?

In 2014 the game (against Southampton) was played at a proper home – White Hart Lane.

The match against Bournemouth today was at Wembley – in theory a much superior stadium. In many ways it is, but it ain’t the home of Tottenham Hotspur.

Theo and I got to Wembley, for the second time this trip, nice and early to pick up match tickets and spend some (of my) money at the stadium store. Theo went for a Nike away shirt which, as it’s navy blue, will be perfect to take over at school from his 2015/16 blue away shirt. No prizes for guessing which player’s name he got on the back.

We had a good view of the game, right on halfway in the top tier. Unfortunately the match wasn’t quite up to the quality of our viewing position.

Spurs played like a start-of-the-season Spurs team against a Bournemouth side that had clearly spent a lot of time watching the way Chelsea, Burnley and Swansea had played at Wembley earlier in the season.

The first half was painful…made even more so after a big lad with a bald head sat himself in the seat in front of Theo. When he puts his mind to it Theo can be pretty annoying, so the fact he couldn’t see parts of the game made for a really fun 45 minutes.

I think Theo was hungry. We grabbed some popcorn and a slushy (they had the shortest queues, okay) at the break and he was great for the second half.

The second half football wasn’t superb, but it was better. Eriksen slipped home what would be the game’s only goal just after the restart then Spurs butchered several other great chances before seeing the game out. A win’s a win, and with Chelsea and Arsenal losing, while Liverpool drew with Man U, it was actually quite an important one.

As important, this was Tottenham’s first home Premier League win at Wembley. Far be it from me to take any credit…but I will. Every Spurs Premier League match I’ve watched live has seen Tottenham win, so I was fairly confident the result would be the right one. So it proved.

We helped the team break their ‘Wembley curse’ which, in part 1 of our Spurs-at-Wembley double header, was what we were there for if I’m being honest. Now we wait on the visit of Liverpool next Sunday. That will be a great way to end this pilgrimage.

In the meantime, we’re off to St Mary’s tomorrow to watch Southampton play Newcastle. I’m not expecting much so hopefully we’ll see a cracker.


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