Lube and oil change

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The Matamata Bus has been in the garage for a long overdue and well needed service, lube and oil change. It’s been a long season (yes, even football writers sometimes get a bit fatigued) and the R&R has been appreciated.

So instead of an article about a match or two this week, I got a little summary of what’s already gone and some insight into what’s next.

When I began this blog back in mid-March, after standing down from my previous position as President of Matamata Swifts AFC, I didn’t really know where it would take me. Honestly, I just wanted to use it as a vehicle to hone my writing skills, as well as have a look at a bit more local football. I’ve achieved that, and more.

I well remember the first match I went to, which was at Glenfield’s McFetridge Park. Not for the football, mind you, but for the great late-summer weather and ideal viewing conditions. I haven’t been to many other games this season in shorts and a t-shirt.

At that game I made a snap decision to start filming some of the play and present it as a One Minute At… series of movies. My first effort was a shocker, but there have been some decent clips since and I starting to build up a good library. I’ve even managed to get a few goals on film, along with a sending off.

Over the course of the season so far I’ve watched a number of sides (Birko, Wanderers, Melville, Narra) quite often, and others hardly or not at all. Surprisingly, I’ve only seen 45 minutes of East Coast Bays, the team that currently leads the Premier League.

I’ve written several pieces on local football in my region (Waikato Bay of Plenty) that have drawn varying reactions, while my most personal piece came after a visit to Links Ave.

One of the most unexpected things to come along this season was an opportunity to get involved with the WaiBOP Football Federation as the Communications Manager. This is a part time role so it fits in nicely with my other commitments. The major attraction was to be involved from the off with the setting up of WaiBOP United, our ASB Premiership franchise. We’re off to a decent start so far.

So, what’s next?

The WaiBOP United work will continue un-checked. There’s so much to do there. We’ve got a couple of decent ideas still to be rolled out and I hope you enjoy them.

As far as games go, I’ll be in Auckland next weekend, but I’m not sure which match I’ll head out to. It’ll definitely be to a ground I haven’t seen before. Maybe Keith Hay Park for Three Kings v ECB, but I’m also quite keen to have a look at Oratia’s set-up. It really depends on how quickly I can get to Auckland after finishing up with my mini-kickers on Saturday morning.

After that, the Cup semi-final at Gower Park looms. The quarter-final was a great occasion and there’s no way I’d miss out on the next instalment. I won’t be wearing red (as a Spurs fan that would be a step too far) but I will be unashamedly supporting Melville. I also hope to get to at least one more game involving my Swifts, while the Ngaruawahia v North Shore match on September 14 will probably bring the curtain down on my NRFL season in spectacular fashion.

Then there’s the ASB Premiership season and World Cup Qualifiers to look forward to. Football doesn’t stop.

I hope you’re finding this a worthwhile place to hang out. The traffic stats would suggest there are a few people out there who appear to have some interest in what I have to say, even if you’re just feigning it. That’s pretty cool because there’s still so much more to say.

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