A game of two halves

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To a country boy like me there’s one thing about Auckland football that stands out, maybe more than anything else: how many football clubs there are and how close most of them are to each other. Ridiculously, fantastically close to each other, particularly on the Shore.

Okay, there’s the population base to cater for, but you can literally kick a football from one ground to the next.

This proximity clearly gives rise to any number of real derby matches. And it also gives the neutral fan the opportunity to shop around. On this Saturday afternoon I chose to do a bit of shopping while taking in a derby along the way.

I’d never been to Bay City Stadium before. As the East Coast Bays versus Birkenhead match was the standout Premier League fixture of the round and the ground was literally just down the road from the in-laws’ I thought I’d better at least have a look. I was impressed (not too hard, admittedly). It’s a great little football venue and I could even see the sea from the bank.

The game wasn’t exactly what I expected, although that’s not surprising. Quite often big matches fail to live up to the hype. Both these sides spent the 45 minutes I was there basically trying to kick the crap out of each other. The intensity was good and the pace much, much quicker than the second half of my afternoon, but the impression I was left with was of a big brother trying to beat up on his little brother, with all the ultimate success that usually brings (not much).

Bays had their chances but looked hypo in front of goal. Rushed, eratic, nervous. If only they could have been more like the Fonz. The flappy Birko keeper got off lightly.

Birko won a stonewall penalty just before the break. Perfect timing. Hobson-McVeigh sent the keeper the wrong way and it was 1-0 as they went in for their oranges.

Time to fly. A quick dash down the motorway had me at Beecroft Park just in time for the second half of Forrest Hill-Milford versus Ngaruawahia. As it turns out I probably shouldn’t have bothered, but that’s the joy of hindsight.

Narra scored just after I pulled up at the ground, their fifth after a strong 1st half. But the signs were already there that the sting had gone from the game. The hosts got one back before the end but there wasn’t really much in this for the neutral to get enthused about. The game was well over – Narra had taken care of business early and FHM were long gone by the time I showed up.

All that was really left for me to do was fire off some photos and add another One Minute At… to my library.

I spent most of my time with one eye on the match and one eye on the social game going on behind me. I expected to get nailed at any moment, by either an errant ball or, more frighteningly, an errant, over-sized player. I’ll have to put in for danger money on my expense claim.

So that was my afternoon in the big smoke. I still had another appointment to keep (more on that here) but I could at least reflect on the massive contrasts on offer in this game of ours. The skill, intensity and athleticism was vastly different. The Premier League is a step or five ahead of lower level football but each and every game has its points of interest. It’s just a shame I appeared to miss most of them.

For the record, Birko ended up winning 2-1 and Ngaruawahia won 5-1. I saw three of the nine goals. Better luck next time.


  1. I bet you were gutted to have missed the 2nd half? Good summary of the game and a lot more of that in the 2nd too, PHYSICALITY was high on both teams agendas on SAT ….. a great equaliser from BAY, working up their left flank through the 2 young lads, Declan linking up with Nathan B, who drove inside with speed and determination past 2 Birko defenders and unleashed a low-screamer with his right, from outside the 18, just inside the front post – EXQUISITE and TOP DRAW. Birko got the late winner through sub HOGGI and like week 1 it came from a corner, which when J HOBBO gets his delivery right, they always look like scoring. We WILL see a lot of goals from corners this season from BIRKO, you mark my word. FLETCH not lot to do in the 2nd and the bays keeper more. Dil W had a moment of brilliance, picking the ball up the middle 2 channels, weaved round about 3 bays players and unleashed a ferocious shot straight at the pressing bays GK. Birko good for the win in my book ….. then went and watched a hum-dinger yesterday, SHORE vs MT A/P ….. end to end football with goals, the winner was FOOTBALL!!

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    • Yep. I should have stayed put on my little spot at the top of the bank. But you live and learn…

      You’re right about the Shore v MAP game. It should have ended something like 8-5 to Shore. Great fun. But man, that surface must be a real bugger to play on.

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      • the pitch at shore was down to a screw up by the council first they were a week late putting the sand down and when they did they put wet sand down so it couldnt be moved around…they did come back friday to try fix it but to late..felt for the players hard to play on

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        • It must have been tough to play on but both sides made the best of it. It was great entertainment on a Sunday afternoon.

          I’ll have my report on the match up tomorrow along with the Allen Hill version of One Minute At…

          It was a busy weekend and I’m only just catching up!

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