Roy of the, er, City

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Yesterday’s Chatham Cup semi-final at Gower Park, between Melville United and Waitakere City, was a tight match played between two evenly contested teams. If it wasn’t for one player, Fijian livewire Roy Krishna, this one would probably have gone to penalties. Instead it finished 4-1 to the visitors.

Krishna stood out like the beacon of class that he is, amongst a sea of otherwise staunch workmanlike graft. He scored twice and set up the game settling third goal. Expect him to do the same again in the final.

Short of a cascade of words, the post from this match contains several movies. We’ve got Waitakere’s second goal, scored from the spot, and their third. We’ve also got a special cup edition Two Minutes At… Gower Park for you to view. Don’t say we never provide you with any value.


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