What to do when there’s no football…

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It’s the middle Saturday of the school holidays so there’s no football for me to coach.

The Eagles have flown their nest, at least for a couple of weeks, while our Mini-Kickers group is also on a well-earned break.

The day started off like the photo above. So, what to do?

My alarm went off at the normal Saturday time (6.50am) because I hadn’t bloody remembered to turn it off. I was awake by then anyway, but it was nice not to have the normal mild-panic Saturday morning rush to look forward to. So…

  • Lie in. Yep, my wife an I relaxed for another half an hour or so before we got the coffees in. Real coffee (The Laughing Pug. Very good stuff). Mmmmm (not Moccona, but it still had heft meer Mmmmm).
  • Talk about booking our trip to Oz in late-September. “Hey, why not do it now.”
  • Book our trip to Oz in late-September. One night in Sydney, three night on the Central Coast with Jean’s brother, two nights between the Central Coast and Coolangatta, one night in Coolangatta, then home. Flights booked. Most of the accommodation booked. Car (almost) booked. Sweet.
  • Build a train track and then a block tower with my two year old daughter. Yep, she’s into train tracks. It’s one of her phrases of the moment: “twain twack. Twain. Twack!”
  • Take the dog (and the boys) for a walk. We have a nice circuit near home, which takes us across Matamata Swifts’ training ground, winds through Neil Algar Reserve – past a little lake, even – back down one of the main roads into Matamata, then home. It’s an easy half hour ramble that helped me with my daily steps, kept Diego (our ten year old black Lab) occupied, and let the boys get some exercise in a way they didn’t really think they were getting some exercise.
  • Vacuum the car. Two months of carting dirty, smelly young footballers and wet, smelly football gear around left the inside of my ‘big red car’ in some state. With a family of five we decided to purchase a big red Mazda MPV a few years ago to fit them all in. At the time my boys were of Wiggles age, so the name kind of stuck. It suits us for now and, as I haven’t it my mid-life crisis yet, it be with us for a bit longer yet. Anyway, the vacuuming took an hour, but the car’s clean and tidy again. Well, for another week or so, until I start carting dirty, smelly young footballers and wet, smelly football gear around again.

  • Think about heading over to Katikati to watch the Swifts play today’s Loaded WaiBOP  Premiership match. See who the referee is and decide better of it. Best not to get myself in trouble with that lot again.
  • Hot dogs for lunch. Okay, I didn’t make them, but yum.
  • Write this. Congratulate myself for working the Wiggles into a football article. And it’s only the early afternoon.

What to do next? Maybe I’ll fold some washing as the weather’s starting to look like the photo (above, of our back yard I took yesterday).

Now that’s a productive morning.

But it’s not football, is it?

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