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Okay, so here we go for real with this blogging thing. There’s nothing like the traditional NRFL double-header Easter Weekend football extravaganza with bells, whistles and footballs to get things going for another year.

Actually, with only two divisions on offer I thought I would be a little starved. But thankfully some forward thinking club officials thought of me when scheduling their matches, so we have a lot to look forward to.

Rather conveniently, I’ll be at the in-laws over the long weekend. They live at Whanagapa…, Wangapero…, that peninsula by Silverdale, so I’ll be close enough to a host of clubs and can disappear for a few hours without really being missed. That’s a win/win/win situation if ever ther was one.

There are three division 1 fixtures to choose from on Friday, but both Whangarei and Hamilton are out of the question so I guess I’ll be pitching up at McFetridge Park for Glenfield Rovers v Eastern Suburbs after I’ve feasted on my hot cross buns. I’ve only visited Glenfield once before and it’s not a happy memory. I’m sure I’ll have a bit more fun this time. As a couple of the bigger clubs in the league, both Rovers and Suburbs will be expected to do well this season. My feeling is at least one of them won’t. Maybe this match will tell us who that’s likely to be.

I’ll be checking in on division 2’s Warkworth v Waiuku on Saturday. It’s just up the road and the family can head off to one of the flash regional parks nearby so this one’s a good fit. As both clubs are based in smaller towns I, naturally enough, identify with this fixture. What odds goals in this one…? There’s a couple of other matches with potential but I can’t be everywhere (yet). Oratia v Fencies looks like fun and I also think Shore v Narra at Allen Hill could go off.

Sunday will be egg day so I’ll stay in and stuff my face with chocolate, leaving Monday and a choice that’s still to be made. It really depends on whether I’ve made it home to Matamata by then. If not, Narra v Melville is on the way so I’ll call in there. If we’re organised then I’ll have the option of shooting over the Kaimais for Tauranga v Claudelands. Either way there’s enough to keep me interested.

Right, so that’s the plan. Let’s see how we go.


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