Hello Bus

Posted By admin on Jun 17, 2016 | 0 comments

It’s been a while. A really, really long while.

I’ve been busy. You know, doing stuff. Like work. And trying to raise a family. Football. And stuff.

I’ve seen a lot of football since we last went for a ride. On telly. Live. As a fan. Working. As a (junior) coach.

But yeah, it’s been a while.

You reckon we can get this old thing moving again?

It’ll be a challenge. I mean, we’re currently nothing more than one of those stats. One of the many millions of blogs that start out with literary guns blazing then fizzle out to nothingness.

But there’s so much to talk about. There’s football, of course.  Enzo’s still going strong. His team is pumping out the content better than ever. But then there’s a lot of other things too. Life. Travel. Game of Thrones. God, even politics.

Surely we can get a couple of pieces out a week just for starters. And then see how we go from there.

Yeah, there’s still The Phantom to ghost write for, along with those Swifts’ round-ups and the WaiBOP leagues’ summaries (a good 2000+ words a week) but we can offer more than that. Right?


So we’ll get back on the bus?



When do we leave the station?

I guess we already have.

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