DB’s World Cup Diary – Day 9

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What an extremely decent day of football that was!

The World Cup, yet again, was immaculate. A supposed upset, followed by a flogging, then completed with an emotional, even sentimental win. It was probably just about the most perfect day so far for the neutral, which is what I am. Yeah, pretty perfect.

Saturday being Saturday, meant that interspersed amongst all this was some local football too. Coaching in the morning and a couple of senior games a bit later on. And then this now.

I didn’t get up for the Italy versus Costa Rica match. Despite the Central American’s win and performance against Uruguay I was pretty sure Italy would deal to them. I’m not sure if they deserved the win or whether Italy was unlucky but it doesn’t bloody matter. What a result and what a way to start the day.

The French looked really good going forward. Again, they’re an athletic, mobile, technically good team, similar to the likes of Holland, Chile and Colombia – the type of sides that are doing well in Brazil. Could it really be that they’ve got a chance? I read somewhere today (probably on Twitter) that only two sides have ever won their first two games at a World Cup by three goals and both those sides (West Germany in 1990 and France in 1998) went on the win the tournament. Could it be? If you want another omen, the French seem to have one good World Cup, followed by a stinker, followed by a good one. They were horrid in South Africa. Could it be? We’ll see.

I was pleased Ecuador got up in the late game, and not only because I picked them to win 2-1 in the BFWCSPC. I vaguely remember seeing Chucho Benitez in the Premiership a few years back and it’s clear his team mates have an extra incentive to do well in Brazil because of his untimely death. It was nice they had the opportunity to dedicate something to him. Not that I’m sentimental but I don’t have any special feelings towards Honduras so that win made for yet another positive back story to what is shaping up as one of the great sporting events.

I had a really good session with my mini-kickers group this morning. It was smaller than usual as the day started out a bit foggy and clearly all the sensible people stayed indoors. We had a couple of new lads along this morning and one of them was there because he’d told his dad he liked watching the World Cup so much he wanted to have a go. That’s a small win in the on-going battle for the game here in NZ.

My club’s 1st and reserve teams were at home this arvo and they both won, which has been a rarity this year as it was the 1st team’s first win. There is absolutely nothing – nothing – like winning. It makes you feel good, eases a lot of pain and makes your day, well, extremely decent.

Just ask the fans of Costa Rica, France and Ecuador. And Matamata Swifts.

Score picking update

I had a good day in the BFWCSPC, getting another correct score and extending my lead at the top.

Picks for Day 10

Argentina 3-0 Iran, Nigeria 1-3 Bosnia-Herzegovina, Germany 3-1 Ghana.

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