DB’s World Cup Diary – Day 8

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I’m surprisingly indifferent about England’s fate in this World Cup.

As my surname would suggest, I can trace a significant part of my ancestry back to old Blighty. The team I’ve followed for all but about a decade of my life plays in England’s top league. I identify with England. But their loss to Uruguay? Meh.

The 2-1 defeat to Uruguay, or more accurately Luis Suarez, this morning probably wasn’t deserved, but this is football. Since when do you win just because you deserve it? That’s not to say the English were fantastic. Yes, they were better than Uruguay, but neither team was as electric, engaging or just plain as good as any number of sides have been at this tournament.

Neither England nor Uruguay will be missed if they don’t make it out of their group.

The same can be said for Japan and Greece. I suffered through some of their 0-0 draw, which was today’s late game. I had more fun when I disappeared back to my office to get some snatches of work done. There was no taking the laptop out to the lounge today.

I didn’t bother with getting up for the early game, in which Colombia beat the Ivory Coast 2-1. That’s the second time I’ve missed the Colombians and the second time they’ve won. In fact, today’s results mean they’re through to the next round and, unless I’m mistaken, have topped the group. That’s a bit of a surprise with no Radamel Falcao, but maybe they’re one side, unlike Uruguay, who can cope without their star player. Hopefully their final group game will be at a decent time as it’ll be interesting to check them out before things get serious.

A week of sleep deprivation is starting to catch up with me. I had a little surprise snooze on the couch before, although The Voice Australia was on so it may have been that causing my slumber. At any rate, tournament fatigue may be kicking in so it’s time to hit the sack a little earlier than usual to try to grab back some of those lost hours.

Score picking update

I had a stinker yesterday, not getting any of the results. Must do better tomorrow.

Picks for Day 9

Italy 2-0 Costa Rica, Switzerland 1-2 France, Honduras 1-2 Ecuador.

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