DB’s World Cup Diary – Day 10

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If anything, today’s results raised more questions over a couple of the favoured sides, rather than providing anything definitive about who’s actually going to win this thing.

Neither Argentina or Germany lost, but the Argies struggled to get past Iran while the Germans were teetering for a while during the maniacal second half of their match against Ghana.

If we’re honest we could probably just about write off the hopes of all the favourites based on various parts of their performances so far and these two are no exception. But that’s the joy of the World Cup so far. No-one knows yet who’s going to win and that’s just the way I like it.

I didn’t get up for the Argentina v Iran match and that’s probably just as well. It didn’t look like it was a classic, save for some late controversy over a possible penalty and a sublime Messi strike. The one-man-band pics are already doing the rounds on Twitter. Argentina had better hope Messi does a Maradona circa 1986 if they have any plans of winning in 2014.

The second match of the day, Germany v Ghana, definitely was a classic. Well, the second half was, at least. It was open, had goals, lead changes and a likely upset with Ghana blowing a great chance to go 3-1 up before the Germans levelled it courtesy of a history making tap in from Miroslav Klose.

The goals the Germans let in were real eye-openers. The first saw Andre Ayew, who’s about the same height as my six year old son, head home from between two German defenders while for the second their defence was left spread out everywhere but where it should have been. Concerning, particularly if you have money on them, but I’d expect them to sort it out and will be shocked if we see anything like that again.

The Cup had another poignant moment with Klose’s goal to equal (the real) Ronaldo’s all time World Cup record. His celebration showed his age, however. I remember watching the game against Saudi Arabia back in 2002 when he scored a bag full. Back then he landed his flip perfectly. Today he landed on his backside. Doesn’t matter though.

The late game could have been a classic if it had contained two teams who knew where the goal was. It was certainly open enough, probably because of the heat. It also had the added interest of being officiated by a team of Kiwis. I’m guessing the Bosnia-Herzegovinans are wishing it hadn’t been. Now, I’m not one for criticizing referees *chortle*, so I don’t really need to add too much to what’s already been said. Suffice it to say, Dzeko’s goal should have stood and that would likely have changed the game completely.

The protesting around the supposed foul before the Nigerian goal, however, was just that. If if had been my team I’d have been a bit pissed, but only because it was my team. As a neutral I reckon the Nigerian was just too strong for the Bosnian who then ankle tapped himself.

There were enough chances for more goals but it ended 1-0 and gave the self-loathing Kiwi broadcast media something to lead their World Cup coverage in the evening. But Bosnia-Herzegovina who I, like many, thought would do well, are out, just like any likely future Kiwi involvement in this World Cup.

Score picking update

The family are running out of time to catch me in the BFWCSPC, although Jean did gain some ground after picking the correct score in the Nigeria game.

Picks for Day 11

Belgium 2-0 Russia, Korea 1-0 Algeria, USA 1-1 Portugal


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