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Now that WaiBOP United’s involvement in the ASB Premiership is at an end I’ve got a little more time on my hands so I reckon I should get the Bus back on the road and kick this blog back into life.

As the Bus has been pretty well parked up for the longest time it’ll take a bit to get it back to roadworthiness. But after a thorough servicing, a warrant (which, I’m sure, will be passed with ease) and a quick zap through the car wash, we’ll be all but good to go.

The plan for The Matamata Bus’ first road trip of the season will see me up in Auckland this weekend. I’ll be heading to the ASB Premiership semi-final between Waitakere United and Auckland City at Fred Taylor Park on Saturday. Nothing like a decent derby to get things going. I’m sure Waitakere will be pleased with this too, as my singular presence will mean their crowd figure for the match will increase significantly…

Sunday might be a bit tricky but I have a couple of options. Cambridge FC is playing Onehunga Sports and Waitakere City in the regional Nike Cup finals and Bruce Pulman Park is on the way home, so that could work. The other option is Auckland United versus WaiBOP United in the ASB Youth League, but the 4pm kick-off might make that a bit tricky with a wife and kids and a bus full of furniture (long story) to think of. We’ll see how we go though.

In the meantime, be pleased the Bus is back on the road. If for no other reason than to compare it against In the Back Of The Net and help you understand just how good Enzo’s blog actually is.

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  1. You really are a sweetheart! 🙂

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